• Off-Site Renewable Energy Direct Purchase (REDP)

    Directly purchase renewable energy at cost-effective rates, by purchasing power from either a renewable project directly or a traditional power plant and adding on renewable energy credits/certificates.


  • Direct contracts signed between generators and corporate consumers (normally within province)
  • Power can be from renewables, coal, or a mix
  • Consumers and generators need to be included in a government-designated list to transact in the provincial transaction centers


  • Bilateral contracts are straightforward for consumers to claim ownership
  • Hard to identify/arrange generation resources
  • Require knowhow to negotiate contracts
  • May be difficult for corporations to be included in government catalog


  • Feasibility studies and setup transactions to allow corporations to purchase renewable power directly
  • Pair your purchase with international or China’s renewable energy certificates to increase accountability

How it works

Market Outlook

Renewable Energy Direct Purchase (RE DPP) is increasingly becoming avaliable to private enterprises as NDRC announced its plan to encourage direct renewable energy PPA transactions in upcoming years.

In 2017, the Beijing Power Exchange traded 37 billion MWh of inter-provincial renewable energy (wind, solar and hydro), accounting for 47 percent of energy traded between provinces in that year.