• Large energy footprint—must address China to meet global goals
  • Increasing pressure from consumers and governments to be powered by RE


  • China electricity 50% more CO2 intensive than in U.S. and EU
  • Approximately 65% of electricity in China comes from coal

New Solutions

  • Power sector reform enabling new sustainable energy solutions
  • Renewable energy is now becoming a financial benefit and not a cost

Corporate RE Commitments in China Increasing

100 companies have made a commitment to go ‘RE100’ globally.


  • To install 200MW solar in the northern, eastern and southern regions.
  • Investment in four wind projects by Goldwind in four provinces.
  • Partner with suppliers to install more than 2 GW of new clean energy.


  • Climate positive by 2040
  • Climate neutral supply chain (Tier 1 and Tier 2) by 2030 – most strategic suppliers in China, India and Bangladesh


  • “Project Gigaton”: suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one gigaton
  • 50% powered by clean and renewable energy sources by 2025

Common RE Procurement Options and Availability in China