Our Services

Our Capabilities

Quality Assurance

From vendor qualification to project acquisition, we rely on a comprehensive assessment framework to make judgement on the reliability of the EPC/project, specifically based on:

  • EPC past projects and real generation data
  • Key engineers and their qualifications
  • Project management system and on-site procedures
  • On-the-ground understanding of market price and contract details

Access to Resources

Our unique ability to turn strategic advice to successful on-the-ground transactions is based on our extensive partner network and knowledge of their practices. With them, we can:

  • Quickly find qualified investor/EPC vendors for corporations
  • Provide insurance, roofing, energy-efficiency and other related solutions
  • Learn from their experience and cost estimates to develop high-level strategy
  • Understand new market dynamics and trends

We Meet Your Needs of Both Overseas HQ and China Team

Corporate Leadership Needs to:

  • Understand the fast-changing China power sector
  • Identify offsite RE procurement options to meet corporate sustainability goals
  • A trusted partner to facilitate transactions in a complex/time consuming market

China Procurement Team Needs to:

  • Increasingly incorporate RE targets into regular energy-related opex & capex procurement activities
  • Select solutions and suppliers compatible with procurement & operations requirements
  • Need to identify solutions & suppliers that fulfill operational requirements