top panel manufacturers
including world’s top 3

5 GW+

Solar development experience
in 20+ Chinese provinces

$ 4.3 bn+

Access to capital from public and private
investors in U.S., China, and Hong Kong.

Seeder’s Solutions

Seeder helps clients procure both renewable energy both on-site (behind the meter) and off-site (in-front of the meter).

Solar EPC and PPA Sourcing

Supply Chain Group Solar Procurement

Technical & Financial Feasibility Assessment

Environmental Attributes & RECS

Renewable Energy Direct Purchase

How Seeder helps its clients:

Seeder connects clients with the best renewable energy suppliers in the market, helps them secure financing, and ensures the best possible pricing and terms.

  • Generate Request For Proposal
  • – Estimate project fundamentals for your decision-making
  • – Understand benefits and financial options
  • Screen Suppliers
  • – Introduce multiple top suppliers to compete for your project
  • – Screen PV developers using Seeder’s 80 point assessment framework
  • Assess Proposal & Negotiate Terms
  • – Negotiate prices and terms on your behalf
  • – Assess and help you understand benefits and costs in each proposal for your decision-making
  • Oversee Projects
  • – Review contracts and compare supplier execution with industry best practices to ensure your benefits
  • – Oversee project implementation and ensure ongoing contract execution

Corporate Renewable Energy Commitments Are Increasing

100% powered by renewable energy

It is now possible to power your facilities in Asia with 100% renewable energy with direct power purchase agreements from off-site renewable energy sources.

4 - 7 Years

Typical payback period for self-invested solar in China (includes subsidies)

10 - 15%

Average electricity savings with our no-cost solar PPA financing model

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