How We Work

Our Advantage Lies in Our Network

Seeder connects you with the right rooftop solar engineers and financiers, through our networks you can access:

  • Five leading solar manufacturers
  • EPCs with project experience totals over 5 GW in China in more than 20 provinces
  • Project capital over $4.3 billion from reputable institutions in China and overseas; and
  • Quality check throughout value chain, insurance, roofing and more.

Our Tools

Calculate Your Rooftop Solar Potential in Minutes

Is rooftop solar a good idea for your building? We believe everyone should be able to answer that question quickly, so you can kickstart your rooftop solar project with confidence. That’s what Seeder Solar Calculator is for.

Using data and formulas proved in real-life projects, the Calculator gives you the essential financial information — up front cost, money saved, payback period, and IRR — you need to determine whether it is a good investment.

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