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Seeder 2016 wrap up: A Year of Growth and Transformation

点击阅读中文版 Many would say 2016 was a tough year. But amongst many challenges, clean energy was the one area in particular that has seen tremendous progress. Across the globe, clean energy has grown quickly and solar, in particular, has seen the biggest gains of them all. China has taken the lead in this transformation, formalizing […]

Will The Environment Get Trumped?

From our CEO: Don’t Wait for Governments to Solve our Climate Challenge, it’s Up to Everyone. Now that Donald Trump has been elected to be the next President of the United States, China must lead the fight against climate change domestically and internationally. When I moved to China more than five years ago it was […]

Innovative CPV to boost solar efficiency

The market has witnessed solar taking the lead in clean energy transformation. According to New Energy Outlook 2016 published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, solar technologies have become one of the cheapest way to generate power. It’s predicted that the cost of PV panel is going to fall by 60% by 2040. While the solar […]


The Summer of 2030: Please Don’t Be This Hot. Please.

Why is it so hot this summer? The temperature can’t stop rising every summer! The highest average temperature ever recorded, 40°C! Climate change should not just concern heads of states; it concerns every single one of us. This week in Hangzhou, China and the U.S. have both ratified Paris Climate Agreement ahead of the G20. […]