• On-Site Solar



Companies put distributed renewables onsite to directly consume the power, and sell excess power back to the grid. You can choose to have this financed by a third-party with a PPA or invest and own it yourself.


  • Favorable economics (IRR~10%, <8 yr payback)
  • Relatively easy and fast to process
  • Customer can claim clear RE consumption and additionality
  • Can only satisfy limited demand
  • PPA contract length at 20-25 years


Solar PPA sourcing & commercial transaction support:

We help companies navigate the complex PPA and RFP process, and can help you select and negotiate contracts for self-funded projects we offer vendor qualification for EPCs, providing our industry knowledge and expertise at every step.


A PPA is a contract to purchase energy between a renewable energy developer and an energy user. The energy user pays nothing up-front and purchases the power produced from the solar system at a discount. It typically takes about six months to develop an entire project.

  • Case study: Zero-cost solar on a Tongzhou warehouse

    Seeder represented Singapore-based real estate investment firm Redwood Group to identify and negotiate a PPA a project financier. The project was completed in fall 2015.

Project Information

  • 2000 m2 rooftop area
  • 248 kW system size
  • 275,000 kWh annual electricity generation
  • 90% electricity powered by solar
  • 20-year PPA, fully financed


  • Zero-cost renewable energy (financier investment: 2.1 million RMB)
  • 12% electricity price discount
  • 20-year electricity price stability, hedge against rising utility prices
  • 213 tons avoided carbon emissions annually
  • Minimal work to complete the project

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